Integration into the EU and EMU: Challenges of Nominal and Real Convergence

Conference organised on the occasion of the 75 th anniversary of central banking in the Czech Republic 

Congress Centre of the Czech National Bank, 20 September 2001
Text of the contribution in the PDF format: CV in PDF format:
Welcome Address (pdf, 46 kB) Zdeněk Tůma (pdf, 66 kB) 
Czech National Bank
Capital Flows to Transition Economies: Master or Servant (pdf, 125 kB) Prepared by Leslie Lipschitz (pdf, 4 kB) , Timothy Lane and Alex Mourmouras 
International Monetary Fund 
Authorized for distribution by Leslie Lipschitz
Panel discussion I 
History of Convergence: Lessions from Accession
Lessons from Accession - The Case of Austria (pdf, 6 kB) Eduard Hochreiter (pdf, 5 kB) 
Senior Adviser and Head of Economic Studies 
Österreichische Nationalbank
From Financial Crisis to Monetary Union in Six Years 
Lessons from the Finnish Experience in Joining the Euro Area (pdf, 17 kB)
David G Mayes (pdf, 5 kB) 
Advisor to the Board 
Bank of Finland
History of Convergence: Lessons from Accession 
The Portuguese Disinflation Experience (pdf, 6 kB)
Isabel Gameiro Marques (pdf, 5 kB) 
Head of Monetary Policy Stance Unit, Research Department 
Banco de Portugal
From accession to the European Communities to EMU membership: 
The long convergence of the Greek economy (1981-2001) (pdf, 13 kB)
Isaac Sabethai (pdf, 5 kB) 
Director of Economic Research Department 
Bank of Greece
Panel discussion II 
Current Challenges of Convergence and Accession
Challenges of Convergence (pdf, 14 kB) Elena Kohútiková (pdf, 43 kB) 
Deputy Governor 
National Bank of Slovakia
Challenges of Real and Nominal Convergence (pdf, 12 kB) Oldrich Dedek (pdf, 66 kB) 
Vice Governor 
Czech National Bank
Integration into EU and EMU: Challenges of Real and Nominal Convergence 
National Bank of Hungary´s Approach (pdf, 12 kB)
Werner Riecke (pdf, 7 kB) 
Vice President 
National Bank of Hungary
Challenges of Convergence (pdf, 6 kB) Ryszard Kokoszczynski (pdf, 5 kB) 
Deputy Governor 
National Bank of Poland