Reporting by credit unions to the Czech National Bank

Reporting by credit unions is governed by Decree No. 426/2013 Coll. (pdf, 648 kB), on the submitting of statements by credit unions to the Czech National Bank, as amended, and by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 680/2014 of 16 April 2014 (external link), as amended, laying down implementing technical standards with regard to supervisory reporting of institutions according to Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (ITS), which contain single reporting frameworks in the area of prudential business. Since the single reporting frameworks are part of a directly applicable EU legal rule, neither they nor their remittance dates can be directly referred to in the decree. The content of this EU legal rule is fully incorporated into the meta description of data in the MtS-ISL-SUD-SDNS information system. The use of this information system is allowed by Article 17 of the ITS. Submission of statements through the MtS-ISL-SUD-SDNS system to the extent of the set reporting duties is deemed submission of data according to this directly applicable EU regulation.

An overview of all reporting duties since 2014 (xls, 36 kB) (available in Czech only), including transitional provisions adopted by the EBA in an effort to support the implementation of new reporting, was drafted as a methodological aid to clarify the scope of the reported duties, which are currently spread across two regulations (the above-mentioned CNB Decree and ITS). This overview is regularly updated; it covers only information duties required for supervisory purposes and does not include statistical statements.

The manner of submitting additional information on consolidated groups which does not form part of statement DZ (ČNB) 8 - 01 “Report on the structure of the consolidated group” and is sent outside the automated system, is laid down in Official information of the Czech National Bank of 29 January 2014 (pdf, 507 kB) (available in Czech only) on certain provisions of the decrees on submitting statements by banks and foreign bank branches, credit unions and investment firms to the Czech National Bank.

Official Information of 8 January 2018 (pdf, 186 kB, available in Czech only) regarding the reporting under the act on payment system and cancellation of certain Official information of the Czech National Bank

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Reporting under single EU reporting frameworks

The implementation of single reporting frameworks in the area of prudential business, prepared by the European Banking Authority (EBA), has led to significant changes in reporting by banks and foreign bank branches. To facilitate the implementation of new reporting, the CNB will publish the latest useful information, which may potentially help the industry resolve problems with implementation, on this page (available in Czech only).