Financial market supervision

In accordance with Act No. 6/1993 Coll., on the Czech National Bank (pdf, 238 kB), the Czech National Bank is a supervisory authority of the financial market in the Czech Republic. The CNB therefore supervises the banking sector, the capital market, the insurance industry, pension funds, credit unions, bureaux-de-change and payment system institutions. The CNB lays down rules safeguarding the stability of the banking sector, the capital market, the insurance industry and the pension scheme industry. It systematically regulates, supervises and, where appropriate, issues penalties for non-compliance with these rules.

The What’s new in supervision section draws attention to information and documents recently published in other sections of the financial market supervision website, except for information presented using special applications (i.e. Lists and registers, Final decisions, Information disclosed by issuers).

The Legislation section contains financial market regulations as well as other methodological and regulatory documents, explanations, answers to FAQs, etc.

The Conduct of supervision section contains structured data relating to practical information intended primarily for financial market entities, but also for finance professionals and the public. This information mainly describes the status of supervision, the terms and conditions of licensing and approval proceedings, information duties of financial market entities, and international activities, including international memoranda of understanding. This section also contains general notices of financial market risks, final administrative decisions and comparisons of legislation and supervisory methods in European countries under supervisory disclosure.

The Lists and registers section contains lists of the entities operating on the Czech financial market subject to the licensing/registration activities of the Czech National Bank. These lists are published using an application which, in addition to containing internal lists, allows users to search for entities by name and display statistics on the numbers and movements of financial market entities.

The Aggregate financial market information section provides basic, mainly quantitative, aggregate information on the financial sector in the form of regularly updated tables containing basic data or in the form of regular or extraordinary publications.

Under the Capital Market Undertakings Act, the Czech National Bank is obliged to publish “regulated information” sent by issuers of listed securities and other obliged entities. This information consists mainly of annual reports and half-yearly reports, notifications of major holdings or of proportion of voting rights, inside information, manager's transactions, etc. Since November 2012 the Czech National Bank has been publishing data on significant net short positions in shares in accordance with Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council No 236/2012 on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps.