Bank lending survey

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In many countries, bank lending surveys are a standard tool allowing central banks and other users to obtain valuable information about developments in the bank credit market above and beyond regular reporting data. The CNB introduced such a survey in summer 2012.

In the survey, conducted through a structured questionnaire, the CNB obtains qualitative information directly from a representative sample of participating banks operating on the Czech credit market.

The questionnaire focuses on both the credit supply side (credit standards and terms and conditions for approving loans as stipulated by banks) and the credit demand side (demand for loans among households and corporations as perceived by banks) and assesses the most significant factors underlying changes in supply or demand. The CNB survey covers not only the observed evolution of credit standards and credit demand in the previous quarter, but also the expected developments in the three months ahead.

The CNB publishes the results of the regular quarterly rounds of the survey as an electronic text publication containing graphic illustrations and as data files containing aggregate results in late January, April, July and October.

Since 2021, the CNB has been collecting data through the SDAT system.