Bank Lending Survey

The Bank Lending Survey provides information on the Czech bank credit market obtained by the CNB in a survey conducted four times a year. It sums up where credit standards and terms and conditions for approving loans are heading and how demand for loans among households and corporations is changing. The survey also covers credit market developments expected by commercial banks in the months ahead.

January 2024
In 2023 4Q, non-financial corporations’ demand for loans as perceived by banks fell, albeit in only a small section of the market. Half of the banking market still regards the level of domestic interest rates as a factor dampening corporations’ demand for loans. Banks did not change credit standards or conditions for loans to non-financial corporations. Households’ demand for house purchase loans and loans for consumption grew for the third consecutive quarter (for roughly two-thirds of the banking market in 2023 Q4). Details (pdf, 1.2 MB).