General economic statistics

General Economic Statistics cover a wide spectrum of information on developments in the area of the real economy. The content of General Economic Statistics is comprised of the statistical data collected and processed by the Czech National Bank, the Czech Statistical Office and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The data structure of General Economic Statistics in the ARAD statistical database is divided into the following areas:

  1. CNB Statistical Surveys
  2. Prices
  3. National Accounts
  4. Production.
  5. Orders and Building Permits
  6. Wages and Salaries
  7. Employment
  8. Unemployment
  9. Trade
  10. External Economic Relations
  11. Dwellings

The Czech National Bank carries out its own statistical surveys partly on its own among the analysts of large banks and brokerage companies operating on the financial markets and partly in co-operation with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic in non-financial companies. The co-operation between the Czech National Bank and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic is based on the Agreement on co-operation in joint statistical surveys, which was concluded in October 2010. The survey in non-financial companies is conducted on a quarterly periodicity. The opinions from respondents on the expected developments of consumer and producer prices, selected macroeconomic and company indicators, as well as further factors affecting their business activities, are surveyed by means of a standardized questionnaire (doc, 194 kB).

Some key statistical data is taken from the statistics of the Czech Statistical Office and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and it is used by the Czech National Bank for its own analytical purposes and for other calculations, both for CNB and ECB requirements.

The statistical data presented is based on the international accounting standards ESA 2010, the harmonized statistical norms of the European Union and also on the methodology of the Czech National Bank and the European Central Bank. Statistical data compiled in accordance with the previous methodology effective in related time period is stored in archives of relevant sections.

A detailed description of the relevant indicators is stated on the related methodological sheets.