CCR2 Project

The new Central Credit Register (CCR2) is currently under development at the CNB. Its underlying data layer will consist of AnaCredit/RIAD data. Switching the CCR over to AnaCredit data will save banks the cost of the current duplicate credit data reporting to AnaCredit and the CCR.

The CCR2 system will enable banks to access data using web services and also through a user interface (a web app). The web services and web application are available for a one-year test run. The data provided is for testing purposes only and must not be used to verify the creditworthiness of clients.

News about the project, publishable documentation and other information, and links are available only on the Czech version of the page here.

The complete documentation on CCR2 is only available in the new CCR2 app (in Czech only), which can be accessed in the interbank network.



April 2021

  • Launch of working groups completed 

December 2021

  • Fixing of CCR2 requirements completed 

September 2022

  • Start of FOP data collection in AnaCredit completed 

June 2023

  • Publication of CCR2 output structures and CCR2 web services reference documents completed 

2023 H2

  • Launch of web service testing environment completed 

January 2024

  • Launch of AnaCredit data collection under revised methodology for CCR2 purposes (monthly financial statement) completed
  • Launch of one-year test operation of CCR2 completed

February 2024

  • Launch of CCR2 web interface

January–December 2024

  • Parallel operation of current CCR and new CCR2

January 2025

  • Shutdown of current CCR

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