Government finance statistics

Government finance statistics – annual data 

The government finance statistics constitute an integrated statistical system capturing the economic activities of the general government sector, particularly in the areas of government revenues, expenditures, deficit, debt and transactions of government sector in financial assets and liabilities. In the Czech Republic, primary responsibility for the creation of government finance statistics data is borne by the Czech Statistical Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the CNB. The government finance statistics also form the basis for the assessment of the Maastricht criteria on the government deficit and debt. The Czech National Bank, in agreement with the Czech Statistical Office, publishes the data in the form in which they are reported to the European Central Bank in connection with the spring and autumn government deficit and debt notifications. Data include transactions with the EU budget. Selected data of the government financial statistics are broken down both for the general government sector (S.13) and in some cases also for individual subsectors - central government (S.1311), local government (S.1313) and social security funds (S. 1314).

The government finance statistics are compiled based on the GFS Guide (external link) published by the European Central Bank. This Guide explains how the annual government finance statistics data required by the European Central Bank Guideline (ECB/2018/13) are compiled. The government finance statistics methodology is based on the international manual for the European System of Accounts (ESA2010) (external link), approved in Council Regulation (EC) No 549/2013 of 21 May 2013 and on the currently valid Manual on Government Deficit and Debt (MGDD) (external link).

In the government finance statistics the following institutional units are classified in accordance with EDP statistics (published by the Czech Statistical Office) as a part of the central government sector (S.1311): the Czech Export Bank, the National Development Bank, and the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation. In other CNB´s statistics, i.e. in the monetary and financial statistics, balance of payments statistics and financial quarterly accounts statistics, all these institutions are classified as a part of the financial sector (S.12).

ARAD time series – government finance statistics

Operational assessment of state budget – monthly data

Time series of selected state budget indicators are published for the operational assessment of state budget performance and national tax revenue results. The time series are published by the Czech National Bank with agreement of the Ministry of Finance, which is primarily responsible for these data. The individual items are grouped into a set and methodology similar to that used for the state budget of the Czech Republic.

ARAD time series – state budget

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