Terms and conditions of using the internet pages of the Czech National Bank

1. Purpose of the website

The CNB website is intended primarily to give a quick overview of the activities and objectives of the CNB.

2. Disclaimer

The CNB publishes and regularly updates the information content of this website. Owing to the technical features of the Internet, however, we can provide no warranty for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the information disclosed herein. For this reason, please verify the correctness of any information we present on the Internet, especially if using this information for commercial purposes. The CNB assumes no liability for any consequences ensuing from actions based on the content of this website. We would like to point out that the sole authentic wording of legal rules is the printed version published in the Collection of Laws. Consolidated versions of legal rules published on the CNB website are for information only and are not legally binding.

While enlarging the amount of information provided, we are continually updating the internal structure of our site. If you are redirected to the "Nenalezeno / Not found" page, please read the current website menu of the home page, the address of which has not changed http://www.cnb.cz.

This site may contain links to sites operated by other parties. Such sites are not under the CNB's control and the CNB is not responsible for their contents or any links they may contain or for their functioning.

3. Rights of the website users

You may store, distribute and reproduce our Internet information (with the exception of legal tender, i.e. pictures of banknotes and coins). You are granted permission to create links to content within this website, including deep linking, or to direct others to individual pages on this site but note that the CNB reserves the right to change the content of any page, or its URL, without notice. The CNB must always be stated as the source of the information, the file and its content may not be altered in any manner and each page must be displayed in full browser window.

4. The rules for using the CNB logo

The CNB logo is used solely for CNB communication and activities and for the promotion of events endorsed (in the form of co-organisation or patronage) or acknowledged by the CNB. The decision about the use of the CNB logo is always made solely by the CNB and any use by another legal entity is subject to approval by the administrator of the CNB logo, i.e. the Communications Division of the CNB General Secretariat. The CNB does not approve the use of the logotype by other legal entities for their own commercial and advertising purposes.

Where consent to the use of the CNB logotype is granted, the entity is obliged to request from the Communications Division of the CNB General Secretariat a check of the correctness of its use before it is published. Entities are obliged to use the name of the CNB and the CNB logo only for the purposes for which the consent was granted.