Key Information Documents (PRIIPs)

Regulation on key information documents (KID) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) requires that the producer of an investment product intended to be sold to retail investors has to provide a KID concerning the product. Those selling or advising on these investment products have to provide the KID to an investor before any agreement is made. KIDs should be a maximum of three pages and provide clear information on the product allowing the investor to take an informed investment decision. KIDs should include among others information on the types of investors to whom it is intended to market the product; the risk and reward profile of the financial product; the costs associated with the investment in the financial product to be borne by the investor; and information about how and to whom an investor can make a complaint. In addition, the Regulation also provides for intervention powers of competent authorities and EIOPA to restrict or prohibit sale and distribution of products where investor protection or financial stability concerns are present.

  • Laws and regulations
    (An overview of laws and implementing regulations relating to the given financial sector. Also contains directly binding EU regulations where issued in the given sector).
    • Acts and directly binding EU regulations
    • Decrees
  • Methodological and interpretative documents
    (An overview of current official information, opinions and replies relating to acts and regulations of the given financial sector).
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    • Other documents
  • Consultation documents and proposals – available in Czech only
    (Newly prepared documents which the CNB publishes for discussion or to provide information to financial market participants).
    The CNB is not currently in the process of publishing any consultation documents or draft regulations in this area.

The above-mentioned legal rules are for information only. The sole authentic wording of legal rules is the version published in the Collection of Laws or in the CNB Bulletin.