Balance of Payments Reports

The Balance of Payments Report is issued in early June and analyses individual items of the Czech Republic’s balance of payments in the previous calendar year. It focuses on the current, capital and financial accounts and their main components, and monitors the Czech Republic’s debt and international investment position. Each issue is complemented by thematic articles of an academic nature. Between individual issues of the report, the latest time series are available on the Balance of payments statistics page.

The Czech economy posted a record external imbalance in 2022. The current and capital account deficit exceeded 6% of GDP last year after a slight deficit in 2021 and eight years of surpluses before that. This imbalance is comparable only with 1996 in the Czech Republic’s “economic history”. The total negative investment position of Czech businesses, banks, general government and households vis-à-vis non-residents was almost 20% of GDP at the end of 2022. In addition to commented statistics on the balance of payments, the latest issue contains three thematic analyses. The first examines the effect of external cash flows on exchange rate movements. The second focuses on debt capital flows during recent economic and geopolitical events. The last presents the relatively new trend of using text mining to nowcast tourism receipts and expenditures. Details (pdf, 1.5 MB).