Money laundering

The regulations in this area are aimed at impeding the financing of terrorist organisations and money laundering. They define potentially suspicious financial transactions, specify entities obliged to assess transactions and stipulate procedures to be followed if a suspicious transaction is detected. The regulations in this area apply to virtually all entities operating in the financial market and also to some persons operating outside the market. The regulations on the implementation of international sanctions impose obligations on everybody.

  • Laws and regulations
    (An overview of laws and implementing regulations relating to the given financial sector. Also contains directly binding EU regulations where issued in the given sector).
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  • Methodological and interpretative documents
    (An overview of current official information, opinions and replies relating to acts and regulations of the given financial sector).
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  • Consultation documents and proposals
    (Newly prepared documents which the CNB publishes for discussion or to provide information to financial market participants).
    The CNB is not currently in the process of publishing any consultation documents or draft regulations in this area.

The above-mentioned legal rules are for information only. The sole authentic wording of legal rules is the version published in the Collection of Laws or in the CNB Bulletin.