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Česká národní banka
Na Příkopě 864/28
115 03 Praha 1

IČO 48136450

tel.: +420 224 411 111
fax: +420 224 412 404

Green line
tel.: +420 800 160 170

The Czech National Bank assumes that submissions will be dealt with usually within 30 days of receipt unless the law provides otherwise. The Czech National Bank does not deal with anonymous submissions, repeated submissions and other non-standard submissions, e.g. those which have incomprehensible or confused content, contain vulgar expressions or are sent for information only.

The CNB does not reply to submissions sent “for your information”, anonymous submissions, repeated submissions or to any other non-standard written submissions – for example, those containing vulgar expressions, those which are illegible or those which have confused or incomprehensible content.


Green line
tel.: +420 800 160 170

The CNB Green Line provides information on selected topics within the fields of competence of the Czech National Bank. The line is operated around the clock (24/7).

Senovážné náměstí 864/30
Praha 1

Questions relating to the collections and services of the CNB special library, including book reservations and loan extensions.

Information from CNB Archive staff on the services offered by the CNB Archive and the Rules of study of the CNB Archive (period 1870-1970). Questions concerning bank accounts, credit documents, insurance policies, mortgages, personal documents, savings books, securities, confiscated valuables, safe deposit boxes, claims on financial institutions, compensation for confiscated property, inheritances, legal successors of financial institutions, exchange rates, Jewish property confiscated by the Gestapo, source documents for acquittances, compensation for confiscated agricultural property, inter-governmental compensation treaties, etc., forming part of the archives of the Czech National Bank's legal predecessors (period 1870-1950).

Na Příkopě 28
Praha 1


Rooseveltova 575/18
601 10 Brno

Requests for more details about organising visits to the exhibitions which cannot be found at www address exhibitions.

Requests for information regarding the money and banking statistics of the Czech Republic which cannot be found at the CNB website.

Queries regarding the use of the International Bank Account Number IBAN for payments.

Queries from CCR participants or their clients recorded in the CCR.

You can use this address to report technical vulnerabilities of the Czech National Bank’s information systems.

You can use this address to report technical issues with displaying the content of the Czech National Bank website.