Banknotes and coins

In accordance with Act No.6/1993 Coll., on the Czech National Bank (pdf, 238 kB), the CNB has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins, including commemorative coins, in the Czech Republic. The CNB manages the circulation of currency and promotes the smooth and efficient operation thereof. The CNB manages the stocks of banknotes and coins, withdraws worn-out banknotes and coins from circulation and destroys them, and exchanges any damaged banknotes and coins for new ones. It is responsible for the artistic and technical preparation of legal tender as well as for its production and supply. The CNB assists in the preparation and implementation of legal and technical protection of legal tender against counterfeiting. It checks the validity of legal tender and keeps records of counterfeit and altered banknotes and coins seized in the Czech Republic.

The section “Banknotes and coins” depicts and describes all valid Czech banknotes and coins and their security features. The subsection Currency in circulation gives information on the development and structure of currency in circulation. The subsection Legal regulations regarding the issuance of money and protection of legal tender contains the legal regulations in force relating to the issuance of money and the termination of its validity. The subsection Numismatics provides a wealth of information intended primarily for collectors, including an extensive presentation of the commemorative coins issued by the CNB.