Lists and registers published by the Czech National Bank

The Czech National Bank is obliged to disclose on its website lists of the entities subject to its supervision. It registers/lists such entities in accordance with the relevant sector-specific laws.

These lists are presented in a standardised way via an application called Regulated institutions and registered financial market entities lists, which contains all the financial market participants which have received a licence or authorisation, which have been registered, for which notifications have been submitted, or which have been entered in the lists.

Live operation of the basic registers whereby data on natural persons and legal entities will be shared within the public administration was launched on 1 July 2012 in accordance with Act No. 111/2009 Coll., on Basic Registers, as amended. The CNB is involved in exchanging data on the entities it regulates and registers. The CNB has now completed the basic connection of all entities to the basic registers and has updated the data in accordance with the official reference data. As many entities failed to provide information on any changes in their identification data, inaccuracies may have arisen. We therefore ask entities to check their current identification and notify us at if they find any differences so that these can be corrected.

The Czech National Bank is also obliged to publish other lists, which cannot be presented in the above application owing to their nature and form. These lists are mainly from the capital market area – lists of foreign regulated markets, foreign settlement systems, education in the insurance field, etc.

The Czech National Bank also publishes a reference to the list of external credit assessment institutions (external link) published by EBA in accordance with Article 135(2) of Capital Requirement Regulation.

As from 1. 2. 2012, the standardised presentation also contains lists of insurance intermediaries and independent loss adjusters. This allows them to be linked with information on other financial market participants and enables use of the general functionalities of the system, particularly the option of tracking the number of participants and their entries and exits. All information on participants active as of 1 January 2009 onwards, i.e. the same history as for other financial market participants, has been transferred into the system. Information on new and defunct participants in previous years is available in the same form as it was previously presented here.