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Provision of data through WS JERRS web services

The provision of data through JERRS web services ("WS JERRS") is aimed mainly at making machine-readable data from the JERRS system available to external entities by means of a standardised and managed approach. WS JERRS is suitable primarily for entities that need to make large numbers of queries and searches. Individual information can still be looked up directly in the JERRS app. There are three web services for retrieving data from the JERRS system, each designed for a different type of information. All three web services use the same procedure whereby the inquirer sends an XML file containing the requested data and receives a reply containing the requested information in XML format. Both XML files must comply with the required XSD specification. All web services are synchronous. A maximum reply length is set.
WS JERRS users are authenticated using a commercial certificate with SSL key encryption support. WS JERRS can be accessed using a certificate issued by the eIdentity, I.CA or Postsignum certification authorities or by a foreign authority listed as a trust service on the European Commission's website at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tl-browser. 
To gain access to the web services, an electronically signed application for access to WS JERRS should be sent to jerrsws@cnb.cz, containing the identification information of the person applying to use WS JERRS, information about the contact person, and the serial number and name of the issuer of the certificate that will be used for WS JERRS access authentication and authorisation. The web service "Information about agents of the represented entity" will be made accessible only on the basis of an application submitted by the represented entity.

WS JERRS joint specification>

Document File Valid since
WSDL specification JerrsWS (wsdl, 4 kB) 1 July 2019
XSD specification JerrsWS (xsd, 27 kB) 1 July 2019
WS JERRS description document WSJERRS (pdf, 542 kB) 1 July 2019

WS JERRS code lists

Document File Valid since
Code list of roles WSJERRS_role (xlsx, 10 kB) 7 April 2020
Code list of lists WSJERRS_seznamy (xlsx, 10 kB) 7 April 2020
Code list of authorized activities - roles WSJERRS_cinnosti_role (xlsx, 216 kB) 7 April 2020
Code list of authorized activities - relations WSJERRS_cinnosti _vazby (xlsx, 14 kB) 1 July 2019
Code list of errors WSJERRS_chyby (xlsx, 27 kB) 1 July 2019

Description of web services

1) Information about a specific entity.

This service is used to retrieve information about a single specific entity. The reply to this service will contain the requested entity's identification information, registered address, information about the date of commencement, duration and termination of the authorisation, information about authorised activities, and information about selected relations to other entities.

2) Information about a list of entities in a selected role.

This service is used to retrieve a list of entities of a particular type. It is the equivalent of the basic lists (without relations and hierarchies) that are available in the presentation Lists of regulated and registered entities. Replies containing longer lists will be divided into multiple files (pages).

3) Information about agents of a represented entity.

This service is used to retrieve a list of agents linked to a particular represented person. Information can be retrieved only about entities linked to the represented person who sends the query and is thus authorised to retrieve such information using the web service. Replies containing longer lists will be divided into multiple files (pages).

Access to this service will be authorised on the basis of a registered certificate. The certificate will be registered only for the represented entity, based on a document proving authorisation to act on its behalf. This document must be included with the application for access to WS JERRS.

WS JERRS web services are available at https://aplc.cnb.cz/jerrsws/ws