Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register (CCR) is an information system that pools information on the credit commitments of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities and facilitates the efficient exchange of this information between CCR participants. Detailed information on the content of the CCR (registered credit commitments, database content, access to information etc.) is available on the What the CCR contains page.

The CCR does not register consumer loans of natural persons, mortgage loans of natural persons, clients' guarantee commitments or data on deposit accounts (current accounts with no overdraft facility, savings accounts, term accounts). For information on the credit commitments of natural persons (private individuals), please contact the Bank Register of Client Information (external link).

The Czech National Bank is the guarantor for the project and for the further development of the CCR system. The project was implemented in close cooperation with the Czech Banking Association. The comments of individual banks were also taken into consideration. The CCR application meets strict requirements in the data security area.

CCR participants

CCR participants are all the banks and branches of foreign banks carrying on business in the Czech Republic, as well as other persons where so provided in a special legislative act. CCR participants are required to update the CCR database on a monthly basis. Each of the participants has access to the information in the system, as does the Czech National Bank as the CCR operator.

Purpose of the register

The sharing of information on clients' commitments and payment discipline widens the range of applicable instruments in the credit risk management area. The main reasons for implementing the CCR project were its expected positive effects in lowering the proportion of high-risk receivables in the Czech banking sector and the experience from the long-term operation of similar credit registers abroad, in particular the EU.

Extracts from the CCR

Clients are entitled to access the information kept on them in the CCR database. Detailed information on extracts from the CCR is available on the Extracts from the CCR page.