Euro Survey

The Euro Survey conducted by the Czech National Bank is an additional financial market analysis tool designed to gather information about prevailing sentiment concerning the introduction of the single European currency in the Czech Republic. It focuses on opinions about the benefits to the Czech Republic of joining the euro area, the expected entry date, the estimated conversion coefficient and so on.

Analysts from leading financial institutions are regularly surveyed using standardised questionnaires. The survey was conducted for the first time in 2006, when adoption of the single European currency was considered a very topical and urgent issue. It used to be conducted twice a year owing to the relatively large changeability of the opinions captured. However, the analysts’ views stabilised over time, and since 2011 the survey has been conducted only once a year. Over time, the individual sets of questions are to some degree adjusted to topical issues to reflect developments in the euro area. In their current form, they focus on two main areas: the euro area’s problems related to the economic and fiscal crisis, and the introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic.

The Euro Survey has previously been used exclusively for the CNB’s internal purposes. Due to interest from the contributing analysts, however, the CNB has now decided to publish its findings, including the results from previous years.

The Euro Survey only contains the participating analysts’ opinions, which may not reflect the official views of the CNB.