Central Bank Monitoring

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This publication is intended to inform professional economists about the latest monetary policy and strategy developments in a number of foreign central banks. Monitoring regularly reviews events of a monetary policy nature in significant central banks (the US Federal Reserve System, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England), in selected inflation-targeting central banks of EU countries (Sveriges Riksbank in Sweden, Magyar Nemzeti Bank in Hungary and Narodowy Bank Polski in Poland) and in significant central banks from countries outside the European Union which also conduct monetary policy under the inflation targeting regime (the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Norges Bank in Norway and Schweizerische Nationalbank in Switzerland, included in 2009, and the Bank of Canada, added in 2016).

Central Bank Monitoring includes, among other things, a brief survey of fundamental indicators relevant from the central bank’s point of view, a calendar of events expected in the next three months and a summary of the most important monetary policy events of the previous three months. The Spotlight section covers a selected issue that has emerged during the previous three months. Every issue of Central Bank Monitoring closes with a selected speech given by a prominent foreign central banker.