Aggregate financial market information

The Basic indicators of the financial market present basic information on the financial market in comparable time series – mostly with a quarterly frequency - using the ARAD application. They contain key indicators regarding the activities and prudential business of each category of financial institutions.

The Financial Soundness Indicators are based on an IMF project. They consist of uniformly defined banking sector indicators that are also published on the IMF website and the national websites of the participating institutions around the world.

The Financial Market Supervision Reports subsection contains regular annual publications containing brief analyses of individual financial market sectors and an overview of financial market supervision activities in the given year.

The Other publications and documents subsection presents other analytical texts and publications relating to the financial market produced by the Czech National Bank.

The Archive contains a selection of older publications (in particular the reports of the individual supervisors before they were integrated into the CNB). Despite their age, these may contain useful information for various analytical documents and projects.