Reporting to AnaCredit

The AnaCredit reporting agents are banks and foreign bank branches that are resident in a reporting member state. In addition to their own credit data, the relevant resident head office undertakings report the credit data of their foreign branches abroad (credit unions are granted a full derogation by the Czech National Bank under Article 16(1) of Regulation ECB/2016/13).

Reporting to AnaCredit focuses on claims on legal persons. The CNB (and the ECB) aim to extend the project to claims on persons other than legal persons, i.e. private individuals and sole traders. This fact may therefore be mentioned in the CNB’s methodological documents, because some of the attributes and codes have been tailored to this objective.

The CNB does not apply the threshold of EUR 25,000 at the national level and requires information about claims in Czech korunas regardless of amount. A list of claims (instruments) subject to reporting to the CNB under AnaCredit is given in the Instruments in AnaCredit document (available in Czech only).

The granularity (level of detail) of the reported data is generally at the level of individual instruments (claims). Given the variation in banks’ internal systems, the CNB leaves the decision on the granularity of specific products to the reporting agents. This is conditional on the reporting agent at the selected level being able to report the required data in accordance with the rules (the granularity is largely predetermined by, for example, type of instrument or currency of instrument attributes).

The reported data are divided into 13 interlinked statements (tables) depending on their nature and frequency. The CNB applies single-statement and inter-statement checks to the data submitted.

The methodology and deadlines for submitting statements are described in the Guide to reporting to AnaCredit (available in Czech only). Statements are usually submitted on a monthly basis (although some are submitted quarterly). Except for the monthly statement on counterparties, reporting agents send statements through the reporting system (MtS-ISL-SUD-SDNS). As reporting to AnaCredit is specific in certain respects compared with standard reporting, the CNB has prepared a document describing the Specifics and scenarios of reporting of AnaCredit data through the MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS system (available in Czech only). The monthly statement on counterparties contains reference data of counterparties (available in Czech only). They are reported through the RIAD system. Some of the attributes in the reference data use codes defined jointly by the reporting member states.

Reporting of AnaCredit data begins in July 2019 as of the reference date of 30 June 2019.

Documentation related to the AnaCredit project is available here (in Czech only).

Documentation related to the AnaCredit project is available here (in Czech only).

Documentation related to the RIAD project is available here (in Czech only).



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