Information duties of financial market entities vis-à-vis the Czech National Bank

The Czech National Bank is entitled to require regulated financial market entities to provide the information it needs to perform its function as financial market supervisor. The specific manner in which this information duty is to be fulfilled is specified in the relevant implementing regulations issued by the Czech National Bank on the basis of the authorisation laid down in Act No. 6/1993 Coll., the Act on the Czech National Bank, as amended, or in the relevant sector-specific laws.

The information duty of financial market entities comprises:

  1. supervisory statistics, i.e. regular statements and reports submitted at various frequencies, on the basis of requirements stipulated by implementing rules on the national and European level, by banks, credit unions, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, investment firms, management companies and investment funds, investment fund administrators, persons listed in Article 15(1) of the Act on Management Companies and Investment Funds, pension management companies and pension funds, payment institutions, account information service providers, electronic money institutions, small-scale payment service providers, small-scale electronic money issuers, trading facilities and settlement systems, as part of the supervisory statistics,
  2. other requirements, usually arising directly under sector-specific acts, specific decrees and so on.

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