Information duties of financial market entities vis-à-vis the Czech National Bank

As the financial market supervisor, the Czech National Bank is entitled to require information necessary to perform this function from regulated financial market entities. The specific manner in which this information duty is to be fulfilled is specified in the relevant implementing regulations issued by the Czech National Bank on the basis of the authorisation laid down in Act No. 6/1993 Coll., the Act on the Czech National Bank, as amended, or in the relevant sector-specific laws. These implementing legal rules stipulate above all regular data requirements in the form of statements and reports. In addition, regulated entities are obliged to fulfil certain one-off information duties stemming directly from sector-specific laws, decrees and provisions, whose form is not specified further. Regular reports are usually transmitted to the CNB in an automated way to enable further processing. The CNB offers three main ways of transmitting data to the CNB. Their basic parameters are described in the document Information on the transmission and acceptance of data from automated statements submitted to the Czech National Bank (available in Czech only). The nature of some information precludes automated submission. In these cases e-mail is used. The forms used to fulfil such disclosure duties are listed below (where they exist) on the pages for the individual categories of entities.

In addition to supervisory statements and reports, financial market entities submit to the Czech National Bank statements supporting its other activities relating to the monetary and banking statistics, balance of payments statistics, financial accounts statistics, etc.