Extracts from the CCR

The Central Credit Register pools information on the credit commitments of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Under Act No. 21/1992 on Banks, as amended (Article 38a)  (pdf, 652 kB), clients are entitled to know the information kept on them in the CCR database.

Clients (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) should submit applications for extracts to the Czech National Bank using the form "Application of a Client for an Extract from the Central Credit Register (CCR)":

(to fill in the forms in pdf format, use the free Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher)

Applications in electronic form should be sent to the Czech National Bank data box (data box ID: 8tgaiej; "Re: Extract from the CCR" should be given in the General Information section).

The following is regarded as a properly filled-in electronic application:

  • an application furnished with the applicant’s secured electronic signature signed with the applicant’s qualified certificate issued by an accredited provider of certification services (“electronic signature”). For a legal entity, the application must be furnished with the electronic signature of an authorised person (company director, statutory representative, etc.),
  • an application furnished with an authenticated signature (made by an authorised person for a legal entity) and converted into a scanned document,
  • an application furnished with an authenticated signature (made by an authorised person for a legal entity) and converted by an official authority (e.g. a municipal authority, a notary or a births, deaths and marriages registry).

Applications in writing should be sent to the operator:

Czech National bank
Central Credit register
Na Příkopě 28
115 03  Praha 1,

or submitted in person to the CNB mail room.

An original of the application furnished with an authenticated signature (made by an authorised person – company director, statutory representative, etc. – for a legal entity) is regarded as a properly filled-in written application.

A client may be represented by an authenticated power of attorney when lodging an application. The power of attorney must be included with the application. When lodging an application, the agent/applicant should follow the above instructions.

The conditions for submitting an application for an extract are set out in Information for clients applying for an extract from the Central Credit Register (CCR) (pdf, 71 kB).

The fee payable by a client for an extract containing CCR information is given in the Schedule of Charges for the Financial and Business Services of the Czech National Bank (pdf, 22 kB).
Before the extract can be provided, payment must be made to CNB’s account No. 115-54186891/0710. The client’s ID number (IČO) should be given as the variable symbol.

The Czech National Bank is responsible for making out extracts for clients of banks and for the technical aspects of the processing and distribution of extracts to applicants

The Czech National Bank is obliged to process applications for extracts within 30 days. The processing time is usually shorter than this.

The extract will be made out within 30 days of receipt of an application meeting all the necessary requirements in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the “Information for clients applying for an extract from the Central Credit Register” and of the crediting of the fee for the extract to the CNB’s account. However, if the application contains any discrepancies or the applicant fails to pay the fee for the extract to the CNB’s account and fails to remedy the situation within 30 days of delivering the application, the CNB cannot make out the extract and will be forced to reject the application.

The applicant should lodge any complaints about discrepancies between the content of the extract and the true situation directly with the bank which entered the information on the client into the CCR database and which is responsible for the correctness of the information stored in the database, or through the relevant foreign register where the complaint concerns information on credit commitments in other countries.

The credit commitments of natural persons and individual entrepreneurs are recorded in the Banking Client Information Register operated by the Czech Banking Credit Bureau. In the case of an application for the provision and authentication of a record in this register, the applicant should contact directly the Client Centre of the Czech Banking Credit Bureau (CBCB) client support phone number 277 778 600, website http://www.cbcb.cz