Conduct of supervision

The conduct of financial market supervision involves a range of activities encompassing licensing and approval proceedings, fulfilment of information duties, on-site and off-site supervision, international cooperation and so on. Following the integration of financial market supervision into the CNB, these processes are gradually being united and unified. The following presentation of information is therefore also broken down by subject area and subdivided where relevant into the individual sectors of the financial market.

The Public notices section contains official information of the Czech National Bank aimed at drawing attention to risks to which the public might be exposed in the financial market.

The Status of supervision section is intended to provide basic information in a clear form on the objectives and basic functions of supervision in the individual sectors of the financial market.

The Licensing and approval proceedings section contains practical information necessary for the individual types of licensing and approval proceedings, particularly those for entry to individual sectors. It also includes, among other things, relevant implementing regulations and submission forms.

The Final administrative decisions section provides the overview of final administrative decisions of the Czech National Bank via a special application.

The Information duties section is intended primarily for financial market entities that fulfil a regular reporting to the Czech National Bank. It contains a selection of legal, methodological and technical regulations relating to this area, including any forms used to fulfil this duty.

The involvement of the financial market supervisor in the international area through participation in various institutions and committees is described in the International activities section. A separate section Memoranda of understanding contains the bilateral and multilateral memoranda that the CNB has signed with other European and non-European financial market regulators.

The Supervisory disclosure section contains information on the implementation of the new capital directive in a uniform structure and is integrated into the EBA system for aggregate publication of such information for all EU Member States.

The Supervisory official information and benchmarks section is intended to inform supervised entities about selected supervisory findings and to communicate related supervisory expectations concerning the conduct of supervised entities.

During 2006–2013, the Financial Market Committee was an advisory body to the Bank Board. It focused on the conceptual development of financial market supervision. This advisory body to the Bank Board was abolished by an amendment to Act No. 6/1993 Coll., on the CNB, which took effect on 17 August 2013.  The following links lead to the press releases and minutes of  the Committee’s meetings (in Czech only).