What the CCR contains

The CCR registers the current and potential credit commitments of:

  • legal entities (except for banks and foreign bank branches),
  • individual entrepreneurs.

The obligations of the above entities are subject to registration regardless of whether they are resident or non-resident in terms of their activities in the Czech Republic.

The collection of credit information about clients in the register operated by the Czech National Bank and the sharing of this information by the defined group of CCR users is based on provisions of Act No. 21/1992 on Banks, as amended (Article 38a).
Claims of banks and foreign bank branches operating in the Czech Republic and of other entities where so stipulated by a special legislative act ("CCR participants") are subject to registration in the CCR.

The individual credit commitments of CCR participants are registered. These cover:

  • loans drawn, including overdrafts,
  • current account debit balances,
  • undrawn lending arrangements and standby credits,
  • guarantees issued,
  • credit equivalents of selected off-balance-sheet claims.

CCR participants are obliged to register their credit commitments regardless of amount (except for current account debit balances with a registration duty if exceeding CZK 2 000).

The CCR also contains the credit commitments of legal entities vis-à-vis creditors in EU countries which exchange information about clients under an international agreement (pdf, 284 kB). Only aggregate outstanding amounts of obligations of legal entities exceeding EUR 25 000 are subject to international exchange of credit information.

Content of the CCR database:

  • client identification data (ID number or registration number of foreign entity, legal form, company name, registered address, country of registered address, etc.),
  • claim values (total amount, current balance, date of origin and maturity of claim, past-due principal and interest, number of days past due, currency, types of collateral, classification by economic activity, etc.),
  • country of registration of client’s commitment

The CCR database is updated on a monthly basis.