Operational information on supervisory statistics

The methods of supplying the required information to the Czech National Bank differ in terms of type and frequency. The following methods are used:

  • in the case of regular information submitted in statements and reports under individual sector-specific decrees, using the SDAT system, which offers main methods of submitting data to the CNB (SDAT web application and Web Services),
  • MtS-ISL-SUD-SDNS is used only for corrections of statements for occurrences in this system generated and sent by this system and also for submission of statements from the Capital Markets until their transfer to SDAT (migration schedule of individual areas from MtS-ISL-SUD-SDNS to SDAT available here (available in Czech only)
  • in specific cases, using the SFTP portal,
  • in the case of non-automated submission of information, using dedicated e-mail addresses or the data box of the Czech National Bank.

Handbooks and other documents concerning operational issues in reporting: