Links to websites of investment firms (nonbanks) that contain information to be disclosed

An overview of links to websites of investment firms (non-banks) containing mandatory information under Decree No. 123/2007 Coll. (until 31 December 2013) and Decree No. 23/2014 Coll., in conjunction with Decree No. 163/2014 Coll. (in Czech only) and Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 (external link) of the European Parliament and of the Council.

  1. 42 Financial Services a.s.
  2. Accredio, a.s.
  3. AKCENTA CZ a.s.
  4. Amundi Czech Republic Asset Management, a.s.
  5. ATLANTA SAFE, a.s.
  6. ATLANTIK finanční trhy, a.s.
  7. BH Securities a.s.
  8. brokerjet České spořitelny, a.s. v likvidaci
  9. Citfin - Finanční trhy, a.s.
  10. Colosseum, a.s.
  11. Conseq Investment Management, a.s.,-a-s
  12. CYRRUS, a.s.
  14. EFEKTA obchodník s cennými papíry a.s.
  15. a.s.
  16. Moventum a.s.
  17. NN Investment Partners C.R., a.s.
  18. Patria Finance, a.s.
  19. Prague Wealth Management, s.r.o.
  20. Roklen360 a.s.
  21. RSJ Securities a.s.
  22. RSJ Custody s.r.o.
  23. Wood & Company Financial Services, a.s.