Registration - Investment intermediaries

Specimen application forms and the content of their annexes and related applications are stipulated in Decree No. 233/2009 Coll. (see below). 

In connection with the launch of the basic registers system on 1 July 2012, some changes have been made in licensing and approval proceedings, as described in the document entitled Information on planned changes in licensing and approval proceedings in connection with the basic registers (pdf, 203 kB, available in Czech only).


  • Decree No. 233/2009 Coll. (pdf, 741 kB) on Applications, Approval of Persons and the Manner of Proving Professional Qualifications, Trustworthiness and Experience of Persons, as amended (comprehensive version)

Official information, methodological documents

Application forms

Questionnaire forms for the assessment of entities in compliance with the Capital Market Undertakings Act