Investment firms, trading facilities and settlement systems (EBA & ESMA)

A detailed methodology for all statements submitted in the capital market area by investment firms, regulated market operators, multilateral trading facility operators, settlement system operators and the central depository is available via the SDAT information system in the publicly accessible methodological information. It covers all statements regardless of their legal enactment. In the case of statements based on the single reporting frameworks, the basic description includes the relevant template for the framework. In the SDAT application, the areas "Kapitálové trhy I." and "Kapitálové trhy II."are relevant to investment firms and only "Kapitálové trhy II." is relevant to other market participants, i.e. trading facilities and settlement systems.

The methodology according to the EBA reporting frameworks for "OCP" is available in the SDAT in the Methodological Information - reporting framework FINREP / COREP section. More detailed information on the EBA methodology can also be found on the supervisory statistics page of banks, branches of foreign banks and credit unions.

Up-to-date additional methodological information and documents: