Banks and credit unions (EBA)

The methodology of all statements submitted by banks, foreign banks branches and credit unions is available in the production environment of the SDAT information system in the Methodological Information - reporting framework FINREP / COREP section.

In the SDAT collection system, the reports of supervisory statistics for the segment of banks, foreign banks branches and credit unions are included in the following frameworks:

  • EBA - further divided into sub-areas (EBA_COREP, EBA_FINREP, EBA_FP or others), containing statements in the structure and form prescribed by the EBA taxonomy; the first taxonomy used for sending reports is version 2.9, SDAT also contains version 2.8, which was never used for sending reports,
  • BANKS - Banking (banks and branches of foreign banks) containing additional statements outside the uniform reporting framework of EBA for the needs of national supervision and statistical reports,
  • DZ - Credit unions (credit unions) containing additional reports outside the uniform reporting framework of EBA for the needs of national supervision,
  • Payment Services Reporting (PSD2) containing selected payment system information,
  • EU_Banky_DZ_OCP containing reports according to methodologies based on uniform EBA reporting frameworks to methodology v2.8

Detailed methodological information on EBA reporting in the new SDAT collection can be found here. (available in Czech only)

Reporting of the individual data areas is governed by the SDAT reporting requirements. An overview of the statements and reporting requirements under EBA methodology 3.2 for each category of entities is available at: (available in Czech only).

The tables contain an overview of the statements (modules) under the EBA XBRL taxonomy, including the individual data areas and their codes and names. The overview also includes the reporting frequency of the individual statements and data areas for each category of entities. This is merely a methodological aid to facilitate orientation in EBA reporting.

You will find detailed information regarding the EBA methodology on the EBA website under Reporting Frameworks.

Link to FAQs – Banks, credit unions and investment firms (prudential) (available in Czech only)

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