50 CZK


1993 variant in circulation since 7 April 1993

  • Minted in 1993 and 1994 at the Hamburgische Münze Hamburg and since 1995 at the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou
  • Technical parameters – bimetallic coin; material: steel, clad and electroplated on the ring with copper, and clad in the centre with an alloy of 75% copper and 25% zinc; magnetic; round; weight 9.7 g, diameter 27.5 mm (diameter of centre 17 mm), thickness 2.55 mm; plain edge; tolerances: copper content ±1 %, weight ±0.25 g, diameter ±0.1 mm, thickness ±0.05 mm
  • Designed by the sculptor Ladislav Kozák
  • Obverse side – in the centre the Czech lion, on the ring the denomination number
  • Reverse side – in the centre a group of buildings typical of Prague, on the ring a Latin inscription
  • Quality – since 1997, proof-quality coins have also been in circulation, minted exclusively for annual sets

Note: The depicted coin was minted in 1997.