Lists of institutions for purposes of monetary and financial statistics

1. Partial lists of financial institutions

These lists are intended to serve the public for identifying the reporting entities which have to fulfil the reporting requirements of the Czech National Bank in the area of monetary and financial statistics. The purposes of these lists are:

a) to unambiguously identify the reporting entities and give the public their basic characteristics,

b) to ensure that the statistical reporting population is complete and homogeneous.

The lists:

2. Unified list of counterparties

This list is set up as a tool for reporting entities to facilitate the compilation of statistics required by the CNB, in particular the identification of counterparties and their classification by sector and economic activity. The list covers all institutions resident in the Czech Republic. The list is compiled in the CNB based on the partial lists of monetary and financial statistics (list of MFIs, list of IFs, list of FCLs, list of ICs), and the Business Register (RES) administered by the Czech Statistical Office.

The list is updated on a quarterly basis.


The Business Register for statistical purposes is available on the website of the Czech Statistical Office (at