List of Financial Corporations Engaged in Lending

Financial corporations engaged in lending (FCLs) mean financial institutions included in subsector S.125 – Other financial intermediaries (excluding insurance undertakings and pension funds), incorporated in the Companies Register with objects of business activity that mostly fall within other financial intermediation in the Industrial Classification of Economic Activities, and predominantly engaged in granting credit or loans or entering into agreements of a similar nature, for example financial leasing, factoring, consumer credit and hire purchase, including foreign persons engaged in similar business activities within the territory of the Czech Republic through organisational units of their businesses.

The FCLs included in this list are subject to the duties under Decree No. 314/2013 Coll. of 17 September 2013, on the submitting of information and documents to the Czech National Bank by entities that belong to the financial institution sector.

The list of FCLs is updated on a quarterly basis.