Payment statistics relevant institutions (PSRIs)

The Czech National Bank compiles harmonized statistics on payment statistics in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1409/2013 of the European Central Bank of 28 November 2013 on payments statistics (ECB/2013/43).

List of payment statistics relevant institutions includes except for central bank, commercial banks and credit unions (please see list of MFI) also payment institutions, electronic money institutions, small payment instiutions and small e-money issuers.

Credit unions, payment institutions and electronic money institutions report the data according to Decree No. 314/2013 Coll on the submitting of statements to the Czech National Bank by entities that belong to the financial institutions sector, as amended. Banks report the data following Decree No. 346/2013 on reporting of banks and foreign bank branches to the Czech National Bank, as amended.

The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) has established procedures for the continuous monitoring, checking and updating of the institutions which form the PSRI sub-sector, in order to ensure that the list of PSRIs remains up to date, accurate, as homogenous as possible to satisfy regular and ad hoc analytical needs of the ECB in carrying out monetary and financial analysis, and for the ESCB's contribution to the stability of the financial system. The list is yearly updated on the ECB´s Web site ( under the heading Payment statistics relevant institutions Corporations.

List is updated on a yearly basis.