Insurance companies and reinsurance companies (EIOPA)

The methodology for all reports submitted by insurance and reinsurance companies and branches of foreign insurance and reinsurance companies is available in the SDAT system, which replaced the current MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS collection system.

The following reporting frameworks apply to insurance and reinsurance companies in the SDAT:

  • Insurance for national reports (including the original methodologies from MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS)
  • EIOPA_S2 according to the current EIOPA single reporting framework (the methodology is based on the currently applicable EIOPA taxonomy)
  • Solvency II for the original structures of the methodologies of the EIOPA single reporting framework according to MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS

Methodological tools for the transition to the new SDAT system (the documents will be regularly updated)

  • Methodological information about reporting in the qes statement in SDAT – version 3 (1.00 MB, pdf) (available in Czech only)
    It is a fundamental methodological document describing the biggest differences to current reporting process via MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS. The material was produced with the aim to partially facilitate the changeover of all insurance and reinsurance undertakings to the new system SDAT; regardless which reporting solution (native format or XBRL) the undertaking would implement.
  • Quarterly statement qes 2.4.0 converter for SDAT (896 kB, xlsm) (available in Czech only)
    It contains an outline of templates (modules or tables), helpers for particular objects and structure of modules/tables, domains as combobox regarding particular information and identification of new items.
  • Quarterly statement qes 2.4.0 converter for SDAT II (916 kB, xlsm) (available in Czech only)
    It is the same file as Quarterly statement qes 2.4.0 converter for SDAT with more detailed context expressed as combobox. Regarding domains dimension + xcode + label.
  • Annex IV: Complementary Identification Code (CIC) Table (92 kB, xls) (available in Czech only)
    It contains comprehensive table of complementary identification codes (CIC) which will newly be needed to report tables SE.06.02, S.08.01.01 a S.08.02.01.
  • Filing Rules (1,06 MB, pdf)
    Up-date version of Filing rules regarding taxonomy 2.4.0 amends XBRL taxonomy with supplementary rules. It contains rules regarding the way how to report standardised codes (e.g. LEI, ISIN). Besides, it determines dynamic attribute to represent the numeric value of reported data (UNITREF, DECIMALS) etc.
  • Change in validation rules in the 2.4.0 taxonomy hotfix (20 kB, xls) (available in Czech only)
    It contains the summary of changes related to hotfix of taxonomy 2.4.0 concerning validation rules.