Rules for privileged access to information

Reasons for the existence of the protected website

The system enabling privileged access to information before its official publication time (provision of embargoed information through a protected website) is intended to provide representatives of relevant specialised media with significant media and/or market coverage with enough time to process information so as to minimise inaccuracies in the presentation and interpretation of the information.

Rules for granting access

Access to the protected website is granted following approval by the Communication Division of the General Secretariat on the basis of a justified request submitted by the applicant.


  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: +420 224 412 013

List of entities granted privileged access:

  • Bloomberg
  • ČTK
  • Thomson Reuters

Overview of information published on the protected website

The schedule of regularly published information is available in the Calendar. However, selected information may be provided 15, 30 or 60 minutes in advance through the protected website.

Overview of information published
on the protected website
(as from 1 January 2017)
on the protected website
before publication time
CNB foreign exchange transactions (data) 60 minutes
CNB foreign exchange reserves (data1) 30 minutes
Graph of Risks to the Inflation Projection 60 minutes
The Czech Republic’s international investment position and debt (data, commentary) 30 minutes
CNB commentary on GDP figures (commentary) 15 minutes
CNB commentary on inflation figures (commentary) 15 minutes
CNB monetary base 30 minutes
Harmonised monetary survey2 (data) 30 minutes
Balance of payments – quarterly (data, commentary) 30 minutes
Balance of payments – monthly (data, commentary) 30 minutes
The setting of the countercyclical capital buffer rate (press release) 60 minutes
Stress tests – banks
(press release, results, data)
60 minutes
Stress tests – insurance companies
(press release, results, data)
60 minutes
Minutes of the CNB Bank Board meetings 60 minutes
Financial Stability Report
(press release, Financial Stability Report)
60 minutes
Inflation Report – Section I. Summary
(Section I. Summary, table of key macroeconomic indicators)
60 minutes
Inflation Report 60 minutes

1 Only the time series of foreign exchange reserves is published on the protected website (the structure of foreign exchange reserves is published without an embargo directly in the public section of the website).

2 Compilation of the National Monetary Survey will end as of 31 January 2017 (the last data included will be those for December 2016). The Inflation Report – I/2016 explains in detail the reasons for the changeover and describes the main differences in definitions (p. 47 Box 2).