Monetary statistics – Monthly Bulletin

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This publication contains selected economic indicators of the Czech Republic, produced as part of the CNB’s monetary statistics.

Tables 1 and 2 compare key interest rates of the CNB and the Czech financial markets with analogous rates in the euro area. Tables 3 to 9 deal with monetary indicators, i.e. monetary aggregates and their counterparts, from various viewpoints and in various breakdowns. In addition to the main components of M3, they focus on stocks, transactions and growth rates of other items, such as foreign assets/liabilities and credit aggregates. Tables 10 and 11 supplement the preceding data on monetary financial institutions with price information, i.e. interest rates on deposits received and loans provided. Table 12 deals with cost-of-borrowing indicators. Tables 13 to 16 focus on other financial institutions operating in the field of financial intermediation. Table 13 provides the balance sheet of investment funds, Table 14 the balance sheet of financial corporations engaged in lending (FCLs) and Table 15 a more detailed breakdown of the consumer credit and other loans provided by FCLs. Table 16 provides the balance sheet of pension funds.

The tables are always supplemented with a brief statistical commentary on the main changes and trends. A glossary and technical notes are also included.

Underlying data for the publication are located in the ARAD statistical database. The data are released in accordance with the publication calendar of the relevant statistics.

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