Setting the base for the calculation of individual contributions

The base for the calculation of an individual contribution is set as



Bn – the institution’s base for the calculation of the Resolution Fund contribution,
L – the book value of the institution’s total liabilities in accordance with FINREP reporting,
D – the book value of the institution’s liabilities arising from derivatives in accordance with FINREP reporting, i.e. liabilities arising from derivatives for trading and hedging derivatives,
DCEM – the value of liabilities arrising from derivative contracts according to the “Current Exposure Method“ - i.e. by virtue of a reference to Article 274 CRR, related to the calculation of the Leverage Ratio Exposure,
OFCRR – the value of items of own funds according to CRR which are recognised as liabilities, i.e. (part of) subordinated debt qualifying as Tier 2 capital,
CD – the total value of receivables from deposits under Article 41c(1) of the Act on Banks, the amount of which does not exceed the equivalent of EUR 100,000 per eligible person per bank (“covered deposits”), i.e. the value of covered deposits not exceeding the coverage of EUR 100,000 per depositor,
IGT – the value of intra-group transactions meeting the conditions laid down in Article 5(1) of the Commission Delegated Regulation(EU) 2015/63 (each institution that is part of the transaction is established in the EU, is included in the same consolidated supervision on a full basis in accordance with CRR and is subject to appropriate centralised risk evaluation, measurement and control procedures, and there is no current or foreseen impediment to the prompt repayment of the liability when due). These transactions can be deducted evenly from the base of each eligible counterparty.