FX rates 02.08.2021
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EUR - 25.475 CZK
USD - 21.433 CZK
GBP - 29.773 CZK

Attendance of CNB Bank Board members at the monetary policy meeting on 5th August 2021

All seven members of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank will be attending the monetary policy meeting on 5th August 2021.

The latest issue of Global Economic Outlook 07/2021 is out now

The July issue of Global Economic Outlook presents the regular monthly overview of recent and expected developments in selected territories. This issue’s thematic part looks at decentralised finance (financial products and services operating on permissionless blockchains in the cyberspace) and discusses whether it is possible to make decentralised finance a meaningful global alternative to traditional finance and what such a move would entail.

Payment statistics

for 2020

Bank lending survey – III/2021

Demand for corporate loans and for loans for house purchase rose almost across the board in 2021 Q2.

Notice about the activities of persons acting under the Alps Markets and Margin Elite trade names

Persons acting on behalf of the Alps Markets and Margin Elite trade names hold no authorisation to provide investment services or provide any other services on the Czech financial market and their activities are not subject to Czech National Bank supervision. Any investment is not insured by law.

Inflation comes in marginally above the forecast in June

The CNB comments on the June 2021 inflation figures

CNB versus coronavirus

The CNB is taking steps to support an economy hit by the coronavirus epidemic. You will find a comprehensive overview of everything that might interest you in connection with the coronavirus and the CNB at a special website.

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June 2021

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Golden Rules for Bureau-de-Change Clients

  1. Change money only at designated bureaux de change. Before changing money, carefully read all the information given on the exchange rate list.
  2. The terms “purchase and sale of foreign currency” and the corresponding exchange rates, i.e. the information about the direction of the exchange, are given from the bureau de change’s perspective...

More about ten golden rules

CNB resumes operation of services at its branches

  • All branches and regional offices of the Czech National Bank will return to full operation, five days a week, from Monday, 14 December 2020.
  • The standard opening hours for CNB clients and the public will be Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 2.00 pm, with a lunch break from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm.
  • Before your visit, you can check the opening hours for each of our offices on the CNB website (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Hradec Králové, České Budějovice and Ústí nad Labem).