List of payment statistics relevant institutions

as of 31 March 2024

For the purposes of financial statistics, payment statistics relevant institutions (PSRIs) mean the central bank, commercial banks and credit unions (see the list of MFIs) and also payment institutions, electronic money institutions, small-scale payment service providers and small-scale electronic money issuers.

The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) has established procedures for continuously monitoring, checking and updating the list of the institutions which form the PSRI sector. The aim is ensure that the statistics for this sector are up-to-date, accurate, as homogeneous as possible and sufficiently stable for the purposes of satisfying regular and ad hoc analytical needs, monitoring payment markets in Member States and promoting the smooth operation of payment systems.

The list of PSRIs covers not only the euro area countries, but also the non-euro area EU countries. The list is updated on an annual basis on the ECB’s website ( under the heading “Payment statistics relevant institutions” (“List of PSRIs”).


Publication time: 10.00 a.m.