Heritage Site – Brewery at Pilsen

Preparation of designs for the coin – competition conditions (pdf, 825 kB) - only Czech version
Technical preparation of the coin – competition results - only Czech version

Heritage Site – Brewery at Pilsen

On 8 October 2008, the Czech National Bank is putting into circulation the sixth gold coin from its Industrial Heritage Sites cycle: “National Heritage Site – Brewery at Pilsen”. The coin is minted in two quality versions differing in surface treatment and edge marking. The normal-quality coins have fields and reliefs of the same polish and milled edges. The proof-quality coins, intended for the most discerning collectors, have highly polished fields, matt reliefs and plain edges. The edge of the normal-quality coin is plain. The normal-quality coins and proof-quality coins are minted from 999.9 purity gold. The coin has a weight of 7.78 g, a diameter of 22 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm. As with any other coins, deviations in diameter of 0.1 mm and thickness of 0.15 mm are allowed. Upward deviations in weight of 0.062 g and the gold content of 0.01% are allowed.

The obverse side of the coin depicts a composition of stylised heraldic animals from the large national coat-of-arms of the Czech Republic. The Czech lion is in the middle, with the Moravian eagle on the right and the Silesian eagle on the left. Depicted below the composition of heraldic animals are brew kettles. The left-hand, upper and right-hand edge of the coin features the unclosed text of the name of the cycle: “KULTURNÍ PAMÁTKY TECHNICKÉHO DĚDICTVÍ”. The name of the state “ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA” is located between the composition of heraldic animals and the illustration of brew kettles. The bottom edge of the coin bears the denomination and abbreviated monetary unit “2500”. The mark of the Czech Mint is positioned in the lower right-hand corner of the illustration of the brew kettles. The reverse side of the coin features the gate of the brewery at Pilsen with the brewery premises behind. Located below the brewery gate is a row of beer barrels. The left-hand and right-hand edge of the coin features the unclosed inscription “PIVOVAR V PLZNI”, which is divided by the year of mintage “2008”. The initials of the designer of the coin, the sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů – the interlinked letters “FZ” – are situated at the right-hand edge of the coin.

Each coin comes with a red postcard-sized catalogue card. The relief of the coin is dry-stamped through gold foil. The text is given in Czech and English. The card is the same for the normal-quality and proof-quality coins.

The Czech National Bank sells its commemorative coins through entities licensed to trade in numismatic material and, to a limited extent, also in its branches outside Prague.