Financial Markets and Resolution Department

Radek Urban

Radek Urban, Executive Director

  • Operations Analyses Division
    Ivana Matalíková, Director
  • Interventions Division
    Petr Frydrych, Deputy Executive Director, Acting Director
  • Reserves Management Division
    Ondřej Strádal, Director
  • Resolution Division
    Tomáš Kahoun, Deputy Executive Director, Acting Director

Responsible for

  • executing financial market transactions, which consist mainly in management of the CNB’s international reserves, operations to implement monetary policy and transactions for CNB clients
  • drafting a CNB decree stipulating the terms and conditions for creating minimum reserves
  • declaring the exchange rate of the Czech currency vis-à-vis foreign currencies
  • managing the liquidity of the Single Treasury Account
  • organising and executing primary auctions of government bonds and T-bills
  • administering and recovering selected CNB claims
  • resolution planning, resolution financing and resolution execution
  • planning, execution and evaluation of crisis simulation exercises
  • execution of administrative proceedings in the area of resolution