Financial Market Supervision Department

Zuzana Silberová

Zuzana Silberová, Executive Director

Jiří Kalivoda, Deputy Executive Director

  • Credit Institutions Supervision Division
    Tomáš Golda, Director
  • Insurance and Pension Companies Supervision Division
    Karla Voráčková, Director
  • Conduct of Business Supervision Division
    Ondřej Libosvár, Director
    Financial Market On-Site Inspection Division I
    Marcela Gronychová, Director
  • Financial Market On-Site Inspection Division II
    Václav Simon, Director
  • Financial Market On-Site Inspection Division III
    Martin Fleischmann, Director

Responsible for

  • conducting off-site and on-site supervision of
    • credit institutions
    • the central depository, central counterparties and non-financial contracting parties of OTC derivatives
    • operators of settlement systems with settlement finality and operators of investment instrument markets
    • insurance and reinsurance corporations
    • pension management companies
    • foreign entities similar to those listed above in respect of their activities in the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to jointly as “supervised entities”),
    during which compliance with the obligations stipulated by law and the directly applicable legal rules of the European Union is monitored in the areas of
    • prudent conduct by supervised entities and their consolidated units and groups
    • regulatory limits and reporting
    • the rules of conduct and professional care
    • consumer protection
    • anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism
  • conducting regular analyses of the financial condition of supervised entities, assessing their level of risk and continuously monitoring their activities
  • checking the internal models of credit institutions and insurance and reinsurance corporations
  • approving, outside administrative proceedings, the inclusion of subordinated debt, items of insurance corporations’ capital and external auditors of banks, credit unions and insurance corporations, and verifying the competence of persons in managerial positions at institutions and extracts from banks’ share issues prior to general meetings
  • reviewing and assessing credit institutions’ risk profiles in relation to their internal capital, reviewing and assessing insurance corporations’ strategies, processes and procedures, including compliance with capital requirements, and conducting individual stress tests of credit institutions and insurance corporations
  • approving, outside administrative proceedings, the items included in equity capital in the supplementary pension savings and private pension schemes sectors
  • in the area of capital market transparency supervision: seeking and investigating transactions that are damaging capital market transparency or pose a risk to capital market stability and integrity, and supervising measures to prevent market manipulation or insider trading
  • in the area of supervision of compliance with the Act on Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Trading, supervising the prohibition of manipulation and misuse of confidential information
  • working in cooperation, and exchanging information, with foreign supervisory authorities in the conduct of supervision to a specified extent, and working in cooperation with foreign regulators in the conduct of financial market supervision
  • informing supervised entities about general findings arising from supervision in the above areas by publishing generalised replies to enquiries, public notices and supervisory benchmarks or official information documents about relevant supervisory procedures