Monetary Department

Petr Král

Petr Král, Executive Director

Jakub Matějů, Deputy Executive Director

  • Monetary Policy and Fiscal Analyses Division
    Zdeněk Pikhart, Director
  • Macroeconomic Forecasting Division
    Karel Musil, Director
  • External Economic Relations Division
    Luboš Komárek, Director
  • Economic Research Division
    Jan Brůha, Director

Responsible for

  • preparing conceptual materials and proposals in the monetary policy area, i.e. preparing analyses and documents on the CNB’s monetary strategy and inflation targeting methodology
  • producing the content of communication of strategic and operational aspects of the CNB’s monetary policy
  • preparing comprehensive analyses and forecasts of monetary and economic developments, including Monetary Policy Reports
  • preparing analyses of the monetary policy transmission mechanism, analyses relating to external aspects of the CNB’s monetary policy and to the ECB’s monetary policy, analyses in the area of public finance and fiscal policy, structural analyses, etc.
  • coordinating the preparation of monetary policy documents on membership of the Czech Republic in the euro area
  • submitting proposals for the coordination of monetary policy and government economic policy, and preparing opinions on documents for comments procedures and for the government where those documents relate to monetary policy, public finance, the state budget and the real economy
  • drawing up opinions on the ECB’s and other institutions’ materials on external economic developments
  • preparing draft monetary legislation
  • setting the priorities of CNB research and performing research to support monetary policy, including coordination of the research activities of CNB employees and organisation of research seminars and conferences