Statistics and Data Support Department

Petr Staněk

Petr Staněk, Executive Director

Ivan Matalík, Deputy Executive Director

  • Macroeconomic Statistics Division
    Václav Rybáček, Director
  • Monetary and Financial Statistics Division
    Štěpán Radkovský, Director
  • Supervisory Statistics Division
    Iva Frýdlová, Director
  • Statistical Information Services Division
    Martin Kačer, Director

Responsible for

  • elaborating the methodology for and compiling monetary statistics, i.e. balance of payments statistics, financial accounts statistics, payments statistics, financial market statistics, securities statistics, statistics of granular data on credit and other statistics within the CNB’s areas of competence in accordance with international standards and EU regulations
  • elaborating the reporting methodology in the area of supervision of banks, credit unions, investment firms, insurance corporations, pension management companies and pension funds, management companies and investment funds, crowdfunding service providers, payment institutions and electronic money institutions
  • collecting data for the purposes of statistics, financial market supervision and resolution
  • preparing draft statistics legislation and implementing regulations in the statistics area and in the area of regulation of financial market entities relating to reporting and information systems operated by the CNB
  • working in cooperation with the ECB and other international institutions in the area of developing statistics, with the Czech Statistical Office and with foreign institutions active in financial market regulation and supervision
  • publishing individual statistics and ensuring statistical reporting to the ECB and international organisations and providing aggregate information on the situation in individual financial market sectors to the European Supervisory Authorities and the ESRB
  • administering and operating statistical and supervisory information systems, and connecting those systems to the information systems of EU institutions and other international institutions
  • administering the Central Credit Register and the Central Account Register