Financial Stability Department

Libor Holub

Libor Holub, Executive Director

  • Macroprudential Policy Division
    Zlatuše Komárková, Deputy Executive Director in charge of a division
  • Macroprudential Analyses Division
    Miroslav Plašil, Director
  • Financial Research Division
    Simona Malovaná, Director

Responsible for

  • preparing the Financial Stability Report and other analyses of developments in the area of financial stability and macroprudential policy
  • developing conceptual documents and proposals related to the financial stability objective and macroprudential policy
  • preparing summary opinions on the documents and proposals of international organisations and institutions in the area of macroprudential policy, focusing on systemic risk identification, assessment and mitigation
  • carrying out regular macro stress tests and preparing documents for public communication of those tests in cooperation with the Communications Division of the General Secretariat
  • developing methodologies for supervisory stress testing and carrying out such tests in close cooperation with the Financial Market Supervision Department
  • developing and verifying financial stability indicators aimed at predicting growth in, and the materialisation of, risks in the financial system
  • analysing network interconnections, concentration, joint exposures and potential contagion in the financial system
  • analysing risks arising from interactions between the real economy, the institutional environment and the financial system
  • carrying on administrative proceedings and decision-making regarding the systemic risk buffer and the identification of institutions to which the systemic risk buffer applies, including setting an appropriate buffer rate
  • identifying global or other systemically important institutions and carrying on administrative proceedings for setting appropriate buffer rates for those institutions
  • drafting provisions of a general nature on setting the countercyclical capital buffer rate, the systemic risk buffer and other macroprudential tools
  • coordinating, performing and presenting research work in the field of financial stability, including collaboration with institutions and experts from other countries
  • performing methodological and analytical activities in the area of surveying credit conditions for financial stability purposes
  • conducting analytical activities as regards the use of data from credit registers and similar databases for financial stability purposes
  • monitoring property market developments and related risks
  • coordinating cooperation between the CNB and the financial stability units of foreign central banks and within the ESCB
  • coordinating the CNB’s relations with the ESRB, including the participation of the CNB’s representatives in ESRB structures, commenting on documents prepared within ESRB structures and drawing up opinions for meetings of the General Board and other structures
  • preparing reference documents for opinions on materials produced by institutions and bodies of the EU, the ESCB, the ECB and other international organisations and institutions in the area of financial stability
  • communicating financial stability developments to relevant domestic and foreign professional organisations, analysts, investors, rating agency representatives, etc.
  • working with the Ministry of Finance on exchanging information on the evolution of risks to financial stability and developments in the financial sector in the area of financial stability