Current account of the Czech Republic - territorial breakdown

The publication “The Current Account of the Balance of Payments of the Czech Republic in Geographical Breakdown” provides a picture of the Czech Republic’s current account transactions vis-à-vis selected geographical and economic country groupings and selected countries for the given period. The data are compiled according to the new 6th edition of the Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6) released  by the IMF in 2009.

The compilation of the geographical overview of external transactions is based on the statistical standards required of EU Member States for balance of payments and international investment position statistics.  The implementation of the BPM6 in the EU countries in 2014 has been coordinated by the ECB and Eurostat. Implementing guidelines are ECB´s The Exchange of Balance of Payments, International Investment Position Statistics and the International Reserve Template within the ESCB, and Eurostat’s Balance of Payments Vademecum.

The geographical breakdown of the individual current account items is based on CZSO data on exports and imports of goods, services and selected items of primary and secondary income, data from commercial banks, direct data reporting by selected corporations and the CNB’s own calculations and expert estimates. The data are broken down into credits, debits and net amounts according to the convention adopted for the reporting of balance of payments flows. The figures are in millions of Czech crowns.

Methodological definition of the balance of payments items is available in the CNB system of time series ARAD.