Quarterly financial accounts

for 1Q 2024

As an autonomous part of the national accounts, the quarterly financial accounts statistics provide a comprehensive overview of the financial situation and financial relationships in the economy, including external relations, with regard to economic sectors and financial instruments.

The financial accounts complement the picture of the business cycle using financial data. The accounts aim to provide a better insight into the operation and structure of the financial system and to show the main channels used to obtain and invest financial instruments. They are an important source of information with broad application in monetary policy analyses as well as financial stability and monitoring of the transmission mechanism. They can also play a supporting role in the general public’s everyday investment decision-making. In addition to identifying financial risks and imbalances in individual sectors, the financial accounts can also be used in financial modelling and simulations (short-term inflation modelling, monitoring of market bubbles, simulation of financial flows during shocks).

Responsibility for compiling the quarterly financial accounts in the Czech Republic rests with the Czech National Bank, while the Czech Statistical Office is responsible for compiling the annual financial and quarterly nonfinancial accounts. Data from the quarterly financial accounts are released 110 days after the end of the quarter (currently only the financial balance sheets of institutional sectors are published). In addition to the data, a commentary summarising recent financial developments is published 120 days after the end of the quarter.

Data: https://www.cnb.cz/en/statistics/fin-accounts-stat/

Publication time: 10.00 a.m.