Information Systems Department

Milan Zirnsák

Milan Zirnsák, Executive Director

  • Information Systems Division
    Ivan Bačina, Deputy Executive Director in charge of a division
  • Infrastructure and IT Operation Division
    Jiří Marhan, Director
  • Architecture and IT Security Division
    Robert Lederer, Director

Responsible for

  • elaborating the methodology for, and planning and managing, the development of information systems and information technology (IS/IT)
  • elaborating the methodology for IS/IT development, operation and security
  • defining the IS/IT architecture
  • laying down IS/IT security policy
  • specifying the security parameters and conditions for different levels of IS/IT criticality
  • preparing, monitoring and evaluating the IS/IT budget
  • developing IS/IT, including project management
  • running IS/IT
  • connecting IS/IT to the European System of Central Banks and the European Supervisory Authorities
  • contingency planning and dealing with IS/IT emergencies
  • operating the user Help Desk
  • backing up and archiving data
  • performing security surveillance of IS/IT operations
  • implementing and running the IS/IT risk management system
  • preparing and administering IS/IT contracts