Risk Management and Transactions Support Department

Jan Schmidt

Jan Schmidt, Executive Director

  • Transactions Support Division
    Pavel Huňka, Director
  • Risk Management Division
    Marek Šesták, Deputy Executive Director in charge of a division
  • Transaction Settlement Division
    René Hönig, Director

Responsible for

  • settling CNB transactions and foreign payments of CNB clients
  • administering trading information systems, including acquiring, developing and supporting such systems, and distributing market data
  • administering and developing the SKD central register of short-term securities and settlement system for securities transactions
  • administering the system of bank accounts with correspondent banks and asset accounts with securities depositories, including opening and closing such accounts
  • dealing with complaints linked with transactions to and from abroad
  • providing custodian services and payment agent services
  • defining the reserve management methodology and evaluating its implementation
  • setting limits on risks assumed in the management of international reserves and evaluating compliance with those limits
  • managing the CNB’s foreign exchange liabilities portfolio
  • administering the portfolio of external reserve managers, including hiring and evaluating such managers
  • setting interest rates on the accounts of CNB employees and clients
  • negotiating and concluding contracts with trading counterparties in the area of trading in financial market instruments