Administration Department

Zdeněk Virius

Zdeněk Virius, Executive Director

Miloš Hrdý, Deputy Executive Director

  • Premises Administration Division
    Ladislav Zelenka, Director
  • Business Division
    Adriana Králová, Deputy Executive Director in charge of a division
  • Technological Division
    Jakub Janák, Director
  • Bank Security and Crisis Management Division
    Jiří Prančl, Director
  • CNB Social Facilities Division
    Martin Harold, Director
  • Regional Support Division
    Václav Albrecht, Director

Responsible for

  • performing crisis management and safeguarding the CNB’s critical activities
  • protecting persons, property and information of the CNB
  • carrying on methodological management of CNB assets and investments relating to the construction, operation and administration of CNB buildings
  • administering CNB buildings, including those outside Prague, and providing defined support to employees of other organisational unites located in such buildings
  • performing documentation and archive services at the CNB
  • operating the CNB’s vehicle fleet
  • implementing public procurements and tenders for the acquisition of property, materials and services, including preparing and concluding CNB contracts
  • carrying out employee policy duties falling outside the competence of other CNB organisational units (health care, food services and recreational, cultural and sports activities)
  • providing social facilities services, including running the CNB Congress Centre, the staff restaurant, the CNB Special Library and the audio and video recording studio, and providing comprehensive services in the organisation of professional, social and sports events held by the CNB
  • carrying out methodological management and operation of the CNB Exhibitions (Prague and Brno)
  • organising financial education of the public